Seasons change

The cleanup of leaves can be a daunting task so leave it to the pros. Here at Kem-R-Lawn's we have the man-power and state of the art equipment to ensure leaf removal is complete to your satisfaction


Lawn Care

The landscaping around your lawn creates your own personal touch. If you want yours to say something as unique as you are, we have numerous mulch bed services to keep yours neat and tidy.

​​We have a solution for all your lawn and landscape needs​

​If you would like a estimate from a lawn-care professional

If you would like a estimate from a lawn-care professional

Shrub and tree treatment should not be overlooked.  Our crew members are experienced in ornamental shrub and tree trimming and shaping also annual treatment & pest control. 

​​ Ornamental Shrub & Tree Care

​​​​​Are you looking for a professionally manicured lawn?

We offer seasonal lawn treatment services in addition to the routine lawn cutting. 

At Kem-R-Lawns we offer a variety of services for residential and commercial customers.

We have the highest standard for equipment, employees are seasoned and trained, and care for personal property is number one goal.  Resulting in the highest quality of work in a timely manner. We will leave your property nicer than when we arrived. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's manicuring your lawn, trimming shrubbery, designing mulch beds, snow removal, or any of our other services. 


Beaver county and portions of Butler (Cranberry area) and portions

of Allegheny (Sewickley Heights Bradford woods) and more.